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Cybersecurity used to be all about preventing attacks, and a breach either occurred or it didn't. Today, it's not viewed as a problem to be solved, but rather, a risk to be managed. Like all other business risks, it can be COSTLY.

You need to be concerned about:
1. Having a trustworthy back-up plan to protect against virus, spyware, ransomware.
2. Ensuring your email communications are SECURE.
3. Protecting your social media interactions.
4. Protect your browsing with a Virtual Private Network.
You need Enterprise Risk Management.

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Today, there is virtually no business that is not in one way or another, using digital marketing. As a businessman, you have to be concerned about managing your cyber security risk over the entire enterprise. We offer the following services:

  • Secure, Encrypted Email Programs
  • Rescue and Restore Trustworthy Back-up Programs
  • Deep Clean Computer Disks and Storage Devices - Wipe Files Clean
  • Secure Web Browsing via Virtual Private Network Program
  • Social Media Advisement - Safe Programs
  • Cyber Risk Management

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Services Portfolio


project 1

Browse securely via VPN.

Encrypted Email

project 2

Safe, Secure Encrypted Email

Social Media

project 3

Social Media Mix Advisement

File Cleaner

project 4

Deep Clean Disks and Storage


project 5

Enterprise Risk Management


project 6

Back-up and Restore Servers

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About Us


Swift and accurate problem solving. When others fail, give it to us. Our office is in close proximity to the Newport Shipyard and waterfront. We do make dockside and boat calls.

Veteran owned and operated with more than 25 years experience in corporate, government and industrial systems planning, operations and system design, we are amply qualified for the most complex systems and computer repairs. We have broad experience with large and small computers, operating systems, networks and applications.


With more than 25 years experience in corporate marketing, systems planning, and operations within both the industrial and fashion retail sectors, we are amply qualified to consult and direct the integration of marketing efforts for your company. Through independent consulting over the past 10 years, we have been heavily involved in the development of Internet (website building) and Cyberspace Solutions, Email Marketing, Social Media Development and Cyber Security.

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